Wedding Photo of Johann and Rebekah Goodman Rau

Johann David and Rebekah Ann Goodman Rau (Rauh, Rowe)


(L) The 02 January 1859 wedding photo of Johann David Christian Rau (Rauh, Rowe) and Rebekah Ann Goodman at the German Evangelical Church in Boonville, as recorded in the Frau Register of the church Kirchenbuch from the founding years. Witnesses/sponsors to the wedding as listed in the Kirchenbuch were Peter Back and Benj. Goodmann.

(R) David and Rebekah Rowe (the spelling of his family name had now been Anglicized) shortly before his death on 28 January 1917. Rebekah (or 'Rebecca') Rowe died on 23 February 1925. They are buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Boonville.

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Last Updated 23 August 2016