Rowe-Toellner Wedding, Bunceton Tribune

Toellner-Rowe Wedding
The Bunceton [Missouri] Tribune, Friday, 02 August 1901
(Written by 'Guest')

On Wednesday evening, July 24 [1901], at 4 o'clock, Miss Christine Toellner and Mr. William M. Rowe were united in marriage at the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Lone Elm.

Miss Toellner is the bright and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christ Toellner, one of Lone Elm's prosperous farmers.


Standing behind Christine Toellner Rowe and William Martin Rowe in this wedding portrait are (L-R): Matilda Toellner, Carroll Rowe, Herman Toellner, Jr., and Ida Rowe
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(Photo from the collection of Dorsey E. Rowe, grandson of Carroll Rowe)

Mr. Rowe is postmaster at Lone Elm and is a bright and prosperous young man. He has been in the employ of J.A. Hosp in the general merchandise business for the past five years and has won the esteem of all who know him.

This event has been looked to by their friends for many weeks, but it was not until Monday, July 15, that cards were circulated foretelling their friends of the day of pleasure thay had laid in store for them. Long before the hour set, the friends began to assemble at the church and were escorted to seats by the ushers, Messrs. William Smith and Gustav Toellner, two bright young men who did their part well and won for themselves great praise.

And now, at last the hour has come and as the toll of the bell died away the sweet strains of the wedding march as rendered by Prof. C.G.T. Duesenberg were heard, and as the ushers guarded the door there came the march to the altar. The first couple who entered was Miss Ida Rowe and Mr. Herman Toellner Jr., then came the bride and groom, and last came Miss Matilda Toellner and Mr. Carroll Rowe, all being brothers and sisters of the bride and groom. All were seated at the altar and as the sweet sound of the appropriate song died away Rev. H.A.E. Schaefer, the pastor of the church, appeared before them at the altar and after a short discourse pronounced them man and wife.

After the ceremony the friends repaired to the home of the bride's parents where they were met by Miss Lizzie Kaiser and Miss Christena Kahle, two accomplished young ladies who had been selected by the bride and groom to receive the guests and make the evening pleasant for them.

At 5 o'clock there came a call for supper and as we were escorted out, behold our eyes fell upon the most beautiful scene we've witnessed in many days. At one side of the yard, beneath the shade of trees, was a tent stretched and beneath was set a long table covered with the most delicious food the human mind could wish, which was served by eight waiters, Misses Emma Fricke, Mattie Vieth, Nora Toellner, Emma Toellner, Messrs. M.D. Smith, C.M. Hosp, J.L. Martin and H.J. Timme, who deserve great praise for the manner in which they served the crowd of 200 people.

After supper the guests enjoyed themselves in conversation, and not until a late hour did they depart, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Rowe a long and happy life, and leaving behind them many valuable and useful presents, which I am sure were highly appreciated.

List of Presents

  • Mr. and Mrs. H. Toellner, set knives and forks;
  • John Heine and wife, stand cover;
  • Chas. Poese and wife, rocking chair;
  • T.W. Goodman and wife, plush rug;
  • Edward Mullen and wife, counterpane;
  • John Gabriel and wife, china cake plate;
  • F.B. Fricke and wife, linen table cloth;
  • Henry Niebruegge and wife, two bed sheets;
  • Nora and Gustav Toellner, counterpane;
  • Mary Muntzel, lace pillow shams;
  • J.A. Hosp and family, water set, tea set, set nappies, salad dish, salt and pepper shakers and vinegarette;
  • Emma and Tillie Fricke, lace pillow shams;
  • Mary Hosp, sofa pillow;
  • Dora L. Hosp, fancy doily;
  • Freddie Fricke, set napkins;
  • Clara Fricke, set of napkins;
  • Mattie Vieth, clock;
  • Lucy Treiber, table cloth;
  • Bettie and Henry Brokamp, table cloth;
  • Mary Fricke, table cloth;
  • Fred and Mildred Clawson, table cloth and towels;
  • Lizzie Trieber, pair towels;
  • Annie and Emil Brokamp, pair towels;
  • Emma Basan, bed sheet;
  • Edna Weaver, china salad bowl;
  • H.C. and L.C. Meyer, mantle clock;
  • Mrs. J.J. Martin and daughters, fancy paper rack;
  • Esther Brandes, stand lamp;
  • August Kaiser and sister, set sad [salad?] irons;
  • R.S. Martin, silver sugar spoon;
  • Louise Prigge, silver butter knife;
  • Mr. and Mrs. Popper, covered fruit bowl;
  • Lizzie Kaiser, china cake plate;
  • Lash Martin, tea set;
  • Amelia Brandes and brothers, stand lamp;
  • Sophia Honerbrink, glass bowl and dessert dish;
  • Minnie Kopp, set tumblers;
  • Christene Kahle and Minnie Kahle, salad bowl;
  • Lucy Honerbrink, set pie plates;
  • Emma Vieth, sisters and brothers, set fruit plates;
  • E.J. Muntzel and sisters, china cake bowl;
  • Minnie Schnack, china sugar bowl;
  • Emma and Lena Fahrenbrink, tea pot;
  • Alma Vieth, set dessert spoons;
  • Emil Hagemeyer, tea spoons;
  • William Langkop, tea spoons;
  • Henry Vieth, table spoons;
  • Lizzie and Dora Brandes, salad bowl;
  • W.G. Shirley, flower vase;
  • George Mercy, pickle dish;
  • Dora Vieth, framed picture;
  • W.H. Vieth, set tumblers;
  • M.D. Smith, set tumblers;
  • Lena Loesing, set tumblers;
  • C.W. and H.H. Fahrenbrink, set cups and saucers;
  • Emma Fricke and brother, butter dish;
  • Martha Fricke, meat platter;
  • Mayme Smith, preserve stand;
  • Annie Fricke, glass bowl;
  • Annie Kahle, cream pitcher;
  • Ernest Honerbrink, meat platter;
  • George Fricke, butter dish;
  • Mary Hagemeyer, cake stand;
  • F.C. Vieth, vinegarette;
  • Katherine Wehmeier, silverware;
  • C.H. Toellner Jr., silverware.
(We are forced to omit the names of those who contributed presents in cash. The amount was $36.00)

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