Rowe Home at 513 Third Street in Boonville

The Rowe Home at 513 Third Street in Boonville

William Martin and Christine Rowe moved from Lone Elm to Boonville on July 4th, 1909, first living at the 'Lacy Home' on Morgan Street (where Vera was born a few days later) until 513 Third Street was ready. 513 Third was one of the first two homes built atop the crest of Third Street across from the 'Hitch House' on the Kemper Military School property. The home is shown above ca. 1918, with the photographer Alverta Rowe.


Even second-generation German homes in the city had grape arbors. The large back yard of the Rowe home included a grape arbor and fruit orchard. In the basement were grape and apple presses to produce juice, wine and cider from fruit that was not eaten or preserved. In the photos under the arbor here are the newly-married Erna Rowe Hopkins and her husband Woodard B. Hopkins Sr., October 1930.

The back yard of the former Rowe home in 2007, the orchard and arbor gone, and the home itself quite different-looking.

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